ompura - follow your instinct

Acting according to personal perception and not following every trend. Finding your own style creates inner balance and authenticity. It is up to you to decide in which economic system you will invest. In small Austrian firms or global companies.

Follow your instinct!

ompura - our story

Our story repeats itself every day. Every work step is characterized by sustainability, from the first idea to the finished garment. And we are happy about every single customer - "Every customer is a great compliment".

ompura is plastic free

The fabrics for the Ompura clothing are made of 100% natural materials and are produced in Austria. The use of plastic is also avoided in the entire production chain. Of course, we also use only paper and cardboard when sending customer orders. It is also important to us that the  packages are delivered CO² neutrally with Austrian Post!

ompura loden-leisure

This collection combines traditional Schladminger Loden with sporty and elegant design. Ompura Loden-Leisure is a design statement for the modern man with a sustainable orientation. Original Schladminger Loden from the wool of Austrian Mountainsheeps is windproof, water-repellent and breathing-active and defies all weather phenomena in the cold season.

ompura every mpart is a tailormade

Ompura - natural, individual and fair. Each model is customized by the customer through individual coloring and size adjustment to its very own individual detail. The exclusive use of sustainably produced fabrics and the production of clothing in small Austrian enterprises underline the philosophy of Ompura.

ompura Jeans - made of mühlviertler denim

Organic flax from the Mühlviertel and cotton organic are the raw materials for ompura jeans. The spinning of the yarn, the dyeing, the weaving and the individual production are done in the region Mühlviertel. Compared to conventional products, regional production saves a lot of CO2 and secures traditional crafts in the region. The denim has a pleasant wearing comfort and is available in six different colors.

loden production - centuries of tratition

For the production of the Lodenfabrics are more than 10 operations necessary. First we torn the raw wool into small fibers and in the carding machine to a first thread spun. Then several yarns are processed to twine and woven. The woven fabric is washed in hand-warm water (30-40 ° C) with core soap, by pressure and friction the loden gets his percolation. The material is reduced by 40%.