The Ompura Business Philosophy

ompura - your individual fashion

Ompura stands for natural clothing, which meets the personal requirement for uniqueness through individually designable products. The basis for our company is the respectful attitude towards man and nature. By using natural materials and their ecologically sustainable processing, we want to set an example for the careful handling of human and environmental resources. A critical and responsible selection of the partners in our production chain ensures high material and manufacturing quality, to the satisfaction of our customers.

Natural and sustainable

Our products are made from renewable, natural pure materials , taking into account the highest environmental standards. All cotton fabrics are GOTS certified and wool fabrics are manufactured in Austria. All these properties of pure natural ompura clothing create an incomparably comfortable wearing and also form a protective connecting element between man and nature.

Individual and colourful

ompura fulfills the desire for a unique piece of clothing. Each model is the customer through individual color scheme and size adjustment to its very personal one-off. The availability of many ompura fabric colors provide a wealth of creative combinations.

Honest and fair

The ompura clothing is carefully manufactured exclusively in Austrian families and small businesses. High work standards and fair payment are for us very important, to fullfill human and social needs. In order not to waste unnecessarily resources, we have no mass production. The production of individual garments are made only after order and therefore the delivery time is three to four weeks.

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