ompura story

ompura - follow your instinct

Natural clothes which live up to the personal standard of uniqueness by individually created products.

It's the appreciation towards human being and nature which forms the basis for our enterprise. By using natural materials and their organically sustainable processing, we'd like to point the way to a respectul communication with people and a careful handling with environmental resources.

To satisfy the needs of our customers, we ensure you to critically and responsibly choose our partners who are involved in our chain of production, guaranteeing a high material- and manufacturing quality.

Raw material

Sheep's wool, a centuries old clothing material - temperature compensating, water-repellent and breathable - is the origin of our idea. We use pure new wool from Austrian mountain sheep and merino wool from certified companies.

Fabric production

The production of fabrics in Austrian weaving mills is based on centuries of experience. The interaction with modern technology enables the creation of soft, fine loden qualities in fashionable patterns and colors. Ompura fabrics come exclusively from the Dachstein Tauern region and the Wechselgebiet.


In the home studio, the development process starts from the first idea to the finished prototype. Here ideas are transferred from the head to paper, sewn, adapted, changed, adapted again ....... Until the finished model is perfect in the eye of the beholder.

Store Graz

In the Ompura store in Graz, all models are available in customary sizes for fitting. Here, the customer selects the model, tries it, adjusts lengths and selects material and color for the individual design. Production is only after customer request.


The tailor in Styria receives every single individual order from us. After that, every garment is specially tailored and made in the desired fabrics and colors. In a trusting atmosphere, there are regular talks on quality assurance in the tailoring business.

ORF consumer test

The ORF consumer magazine Konkret has tested Ompura clothing compared to clothing from the Far East on pollutant content. Ompura emerged as the clear winner of the test.


Carefully wrapped in paper, each garment is packed in Austrian cardboard and sealed with paper tape.
The parcels are delivered by Austrian Post - CO2 neutral.

Our Customers

All our customers also wear our philosophy with their Ompura garment. They support sustainable, domestic production and thus make a major contribution to value creation in Austria.