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Material and care labels

Ompura Every Day - A pure, natural product

Ompura Every Day "the functional shirt from nature consists of 50% Tencel and 50% Merino wool. The symbiosis of Tencel and merino wool creates a wonderfully soft feeling and creates the ideal balance of body heat. These qualities make it a daily companion for work, leisure and sports. The shirt is offered in standard sizes, the overall length and the sleeve length are adapted to the customer. Thus, a perfect fit is achieved. The Ompura shirts are made in Austria.

50% Tencel. Tencel is a pure natural product made from renewable wood sources and is produced in sustainable production processes. The fibers are pleasantly soft and breathable. They have the property of absorbing and releasing moisture, keeping your body pleasantly dry. Textiles with Tencel have a smooth handle with flowing case, have a low tendency to wrinkle and are particularly durable.

50% merino wool. The proven functional properties of sheep's wool have been unsurpassed to this day: thanks to its three-layered fiber structure, the wool is odor-neutralizing, regulates temperature and moisture, and repels dirt. Furthermore, the fiber can absorb a lot of moisture without creating a feeling of coldness on the skin. Wool does not charge electrostatically and is also flame retardant

Care labels

The fabric is naturally dirt-repellent and needs only a gentle cleaning, so that the protective wool fat is not washed out. To wash the shirts use a mild wool detergent. The cleaning can be done in the washing machine.


Wash at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Wash the clothes with an ecological wool detergent.


The garments may be thrown but not dried in a tumble dryer.


The garments can be ironed at low temperature.

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