About Loden and Boiled Wool Fabrics

Material and care labels

Loden and boiled wool - A pure, natural product

Loden and boiled wool are a pure, renewable natural product, breathable, with moisture control characteristics and odour-neutralising. The fabrics have an isolating effect because they retain a lot of air: This is why wool has a warming effect in winter and a cooling one in summer.

New wool which is used to produce ompura garments comes from Australian merino sheep, Austrian mountain sheep and alpacas. To get the individual ompura products, this wool is exclusively processed in Austrian companies.

Loden and boiled wool production

The pure new wool is carefully cleaned and gently dried for further processing. From the wool flakes wool is processed into wool fleece, which is spun to yarn and coiled onto rolls. The yarn is dyed by an environmentally-friendly method. The shades of colour may differ slightly since the natural raw material may react differently. In the weaving mill wool cloth is made from the yarn. Finally, in the fulling process the wool cloth is fulled in luke warm water by adding curd soap and applying pressure and rubbing. In doing so, the wool becomes felted, denser and approx. 40 % smaller. This process results in the special characteristics giving the fabrics its comfortable wearing properties.

Due to the natural characteristics of this fabrics and the largely hand-crafted garments, the specified sizes may deviate up to 5 %.

Care labels

Loden and boiled wool is naturally stain-resistant and needs only gentle cleaning so that the protective wool grease will not be washed out. For washing ompura clothes  use a mild wool detergent. Many of the good qualities of wool based on its natural fat content. When washing with normal detergent, which is designed to solve fat effectively, many of the good properties of wool are washed out.

Hand wash or special gentle wash cycle

For hand wash please use an ecological wool detergent for your garments with cold water. When hand wash the garment not soak. Or special gentle wash cycle for wool.


The individual garments may not be spun or tumble-dried.


After washing slightly pull your garments into shape and have them dried on a towel.


The garments may be ironed at a low temperature using a cloth.

Cleaning in the laundry:

A professional and careful cleaning in your laundry provides a lasting basic cleaning.

Tips what to wear with ompura garments

Recommandation: To fully enjoy the healthy wearing comfort of ompura clothing, garments worn under ompura clothing should also be made of 100 % natural fibres (e.g., merino wool). Fabrics which are made of synthetic fibres or a mix of synthetic fibres destroy the gorgeous wearing characteristics of pure wool.

Storage and Maintenance

Keep ompura clothing as possible in cabinets or drawers that are not directly on walls . This is especially true for older homes . In this way one avoids that moths or fur beetles ( insects that live on wool) to be in the clothing. Best to fold the garment and keep it lying on a shelf or in a drawer. When hanging there is a risk that the garment expands with time and loses its shape .

Some wool qualities form with time nits . This is quite natural and does not affect the function of the garment. The most common form nodules on the sleeves and sides of the body , while wearing a pack on the back also . Remove nits periodically to maintain the appearance of the garment. In some shops you find simple and inexpensive devices for the removal of nits, which act like a small razor. Pass the wool shaver over the surface of the garment. But be careful, do not press the wool shaver , while the garment can be damaged!

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