About Linen

Material and care labels wool

Linen - A pure natural product

The flat or linen fiber is obtained from the stems of the flat plant and belongs to the bast fibers. The linen fiber is smooth and the linen fabric includes little air, so linen is lint-free and little susceptible to dirt and bacteria. The fiber is naturally bacteriocidal, almost antistatic and dirt repellent. Linen can absorb up to 35% humidity, and it also quickly exchanges these moisture with the surrounding air, thus cooling.

Linen production
After harvesting, the plant is left lying on the fields and the so-called Taurost is carried out. After the roasting the straw is dried, broken and the fiber separated from the straw. During spinning, the fibers are spun into threads, followed by weaving. The linen fabrics for ompura clothing are produced in Austria.


Due to the characteristics of this wool and the largely hand-crafted garments, the specified sizes may deviate up to 5 %.

Care labels

Linen is naturally stain-resistant and only needs gentle cleaning. During the first wash, the linen shrinks by about 4%.

Wash with 30 degree

Wash the clothes with an organic detergent at a maximum of 30 degrees.


The individual garments may not be spun or tumble-dried.


The garments may be ironed at a medium temperature.