Wool. High-Tech made of nature

Wool is heat-insulating and temperature-compensated because woolen fabrics contain a lot of air (up to 85% of their total volume). On the surface, it is dirt- and water-repellent and moisture-regulating. The wool fiber can absorb up to one third of its dry weight in its interior without feeling wet. In addition, wool is easy to clean, since it can easily release odors by airing through its natural self-cleaning function. All these characteristics of the natural ompura clothing create an incomparably pleasant wearing feeling and at the same time form a protective connecting element between man and nature.

Loden production. Century tradition.

For the production of the Loden materials, more than 10 operations are necessary. First, the raw wool was torn into small fibers and spun into a first thread. Thereafter, several yarns are processed and woven into a twine. When washing, the woolen cloth is rolled in handwarm water (30-40 ° C) with the addition of soap by pressure and friction. The wool felts, becomes denser and about 40% smaller.

Comfortable clothing - pure nature

Men's outdoor jacket made of ompura exclusive series "Loden Leisure". In robust Schladminger loden and simple design presents this weatherproof jacket. Water-resistant and breathable it defies all weather phenomena in everyday life. The special wearing of the natural fabric will inspire at every opportunity. The jacket is lined or unlined available.

ompura is plastic free

The fabrics for the Ompura clothing are made of 100% natural materials. The use of plastic as far as possible is also avoided throughout the entire production chain. We also use only paper and cardboard for sending customer orders. Even our tapes for the cartons are made of paper. It is also important for us that the packages are delivered CO²  neutrally with the Austrian post.

Die ompura Jeans aus Mühlviertler Denim

Organic linen from the Mühlviertel and organic cotton are the raw materials for the ompura jeans. The spinning of the yarn, dyeing, weaving and manufacturing are done in the Mühlviertel region. Compared to conventional products saves the regional production tons of C02 and ensures traditional crafts in the region. The Denim feeling is very comfortable and is available in 6 different colors

Every Jeans a single-item

Each Jeans is tailormade according to individual customer order. The jeans receives a single number. Furthermore, the date of manufacture, so the birthday of jeans is held. And finally, the dressmaker is documented.

Blue flowering flax at Mühlviertel- Austria

The flax or linen fiber is obtained from the bast of the flax plant and is one of the bast fibers. The fiber is smooth and the fabric includes a little air, so linen less susceptible to dirt and bacteria. Furthermore inherently bactericidal, almost antistatic and stain resistant. Lin takes up to 35% humidity, and exchanges these moisture quickly with the ambient air and thus acts cooling.

ompura brand shirt 2016

As part of the Styrian Design Month the 22-year old information design student Lisa Taurer designed the ompura shirt. The designers idea:
"Ompura - feel the nature!"
This motto and the basic philosophy ompuras inspired the design of the new ompura brand shirt. The renewable and genuine materials from which all products are manufactured, not only reflect sustainability and naturalness again, but are also produced honest and fair in Austria. The design of the shirt is based on the beauty of the native flora.
Who wears Ompura, wearing nature.